Wooly hats for the heroes who are spending this Christmas in Afghanistan

A woman from Penarth is fighting the latest defence cuts by knitting for our troops on the frontline.

The temperatures in southern Afghanistan during the summer months may regularly reach 50 Degrees.  But the men and women of 16 Air Assault Brigade who are currently on OP HERRICK 13 are experiencing the other extreme of the country’s weather.  To help keep our troops warm this winter Tina Selby and her army of knitters will be making wooly hats for our soldiers depolyed in Afghanistan.  

Tina got the idea after seeing similar schemes in the United States.  She always knew that she wanted to do her bit for the deployed soldiers and has in the past sent welfare parcels.  But when she stumbled on the idea of making wooly hats for them, she realised that this was a way of adding her own personal touch.

spoke to Tina and asked her how her campaign was evolving? She told me that she had recuited a small number of fellow knitters from her line dancing class but that she was looking for more willing volunteers.  She has also recieved gifts of money and wool after people saw the article in the local Penarth Times but she still keen for any more donations.

Anyone who thinks they can help Tina with her knitting campaign should get in touch via the email address below:


She’s also looking for orders from Soldiers who are currently deployed.  So if you have a Son or Daughter whose away this Christmas, email Tina with their Operational Address and their favourite colour and she’ll see what she can do.


One response to “Wooly hats for the heroes who are spending this Christmas in Afghanistan

  1. The Little Welsh October 28, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Hi James! Excellent blog 😀

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