How common is bullying in the British Armed Forces?

The BBC tonight will broadcast a new controversial drama highlighting bullying amongst British Troops in Afghanistan.  The drama stars Mackenzie Crook as a Lance Corporal who bullies the men under his command.

Senior Officers in the British Army have criticized the BBC, claiming that the drama is ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘distasteful’ to serving soldiers.

Whilst the BBC has been quick to defend the new fictional drama, an Army spokesman said “There are fears that those watching it will believe this is what happened to their loved ones.  We asked the BBC to make clear that this is a fictitious programme, it is not accurate and that the Army has nothing to do with making it.”

But how far from the truth is it?  Have you ever been bullied whilst serving in the Armed Forces?  Please complete the anonymous poll below, and if you watch the programme tonight please let me know what you thought.

‘Accused’ is shown on Monday 22nd November 9pm BBC One.


One response to “How common is bullying in the British Armed Forces?

  1. James Jeffrey November 23, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Hi Banksie, not sure exactly about the content of this programme, so what follows may well be a bit tenuous as far as “linked”. I just wrote something here stateside about the “don’t ask, don’t tell policy”, within the U.S. military – not sure if you want to feature it on your blog, but going to give it to you anyway! –

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